Of innovation - — New classical Italian solid wood furniture style parsing

Italy is the birthplace of the Renaissance, it is furniture is a hotbed of creation and development of the Renaissance. In one thousand, the Italian furniture under the cultural heritage of long is endowed with unique charm. As a fashion capital, Italy almost become the fashion index, which is following all over the world. Furniture products as one of Italy's most important industry, has always been a lot of stylist and furniture fans yearning and object of worship. New classical Italian furniture style is more like a diversified ways of thinking. It will retro romantic feelings combined with modern requirements of life, that is compatible with luxurious and elegant, modern fashion, personalized aesthetic and cultural taste. The color of the new classical furniture are often more bold than traditional style. Through the color to create atmosphere, build the effect. New classical Italian style of the back of the chair is plural, collection of outstanding style, through the previous kind of style that is both Louis xvi type medal back of a chair, office type vortex volume after the back of a chair, type of caesarism round bucket back of a chair, and Adam is oval, rectangular, heart-shaped, shield of the chair, Greek Christmas back of a chair. Even though they are from Europe or the us style of the 18th century, they are not static, but changes with The Times and the change of popular element innovation, abstract its outline, keep its charm, abandon its fine carving. Or refined, modern elements into the classical elements, may be a certain stage, and all the symbols, or some kind of colour collocation.
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